The Creative Brief points the way, keeps us on track, and enables us to defend the creative product. The more details we know about your company, product, and target audience; the more effective our efforts will be. If you have questions or need help filling this out, please call 469-429-9310 or e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
We have noticed from analyzing our web stats that many small advertising agencies, design firms, freelancers and in-house agencies utilize our Creative Brief. We are happy to provide you this simple document. If you would like to utilize the decades of marketing experience it takes to really bring it to life, please give us a call. There is much more we can offer.
To ensure our work is efficient and on-target, every project we undertake begins with a solid marketing strategy developed through meticulous research, analysis, and a detailed Creative Brief. The Creative Brief assures we remain as effective as we are creative.

What are your overall marketing objectives?

What is the assignment?

What is the budget?

What is the deadline?

Who is the target audience? / What is the desired tone?

What is the problem that the advertising must solve?

What is the current consumer perception?

What is the desired consumer perception?

What is the promise?

What is the "Call to Action?" / What do we want the consumer to do?

What are the key points? / What reasons support your position?

Which media are involved? (Radio, TV, print, Web, etc.)

What are the restrictions? / What are the legal and logo requirements?

Do you have any research materials we can review?