Our promotional advertising team was created in response to a demand by service and entertainment clients for a more effective, personal, and result-driven marketing technique.

The concept that AMG utilizes, called direct advertising, is capable of reaching 99% of business owners within a given market area. The contact is personal, powerful, and provides an image custom-made to the client service. Traditional forms of advertising such as television, newspaper, magazines, billboards, and flyers are limited in their effect. Each has become fractionalized due to the large number of similar TV and radio stations, newspapers, etc., that make reaching a substantial market difficult and very expensive.

Further, among business people, homeowners, and young people alike there is no medium that can be more exciting, authoritative, and commanding than that of a personalized message delivered on a one-to-one basis.

More importantly, it works. Pure and simple. Using our direct advertising methods, we have constantly achieved dramatic results for clients both large and small from many industries. Our portfolio currently includes major sports teams, international restaurant chains, automotive services, and personal entertainment companies, as well as many local businesses.

AMG is a perfect combination of great ideas, superb client service, and successful business professionals. We believe that good business depends upon people of varying backgrounds, resources, and skills.


Direct marketing can reach 99% of all businesses and households within the market of any given client.


Potential customers can be reached several times a year, monthly, or annually depending on the particular needs of the client.


Direct advertising can target consumers most wanted for any particular service. By impacting the individual within the market, public awareness can be dramatically increased.


The message from the client is delivered to customers when they are most receptive. With our unique forms of marketing, the consumer would have to make special effort to avoid receiving the message.


Direct advertising is able to involve the individual like no other form of advertising. It creates a dialog between the consumer and the business. Reactions, both positive and negative, are used constructively to help improve the relationship and ultimately lead to an upgrade service and an increased clientele.


Direct advertising's power lies in its ability to project the basic qualities of a business, sincerity, honesty, and enthusiasm, directly to the public. It paints a picture for the consumer that it is tailor-made for the service provided.

Personal Selling

Direct advertising bridges the gap between the business and any demographic predictions of effectiveness by creating a personalized message for each individual within the market.


Direct advertising can increase traffic flow within the business 50-100% within a one to four week timeframe. Most importantly, the advertising is done virtually free of charge due to our unique marketing strategy.


Customers will perceive the business as being innovative and much more dynamic than their competitors.